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8th July 2012

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(caps from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Episode #5: Hunt for the Tiger/The Empty House)

Previous posts: Episode #1 - Acquaintance | Episode #2 - Bloody Inscription | Episode #3 - The Master Blackmailer | Episode #4: Deadly Fight  - Part 1 + Part 2

After the heartbreak from last episode, Lenfilm thought it apt to build on that by playing the opening in minor, just to make sure that no hearts will stay in one peace – just in case some should have survived the previous episode. It works very well, too. 

I could talk for hours about this episode, how well everything fits together and how wonderfully it plays with your emotions and makes you suffer along with Watson (no matter if during the beginning, when he takes up Holmes’ violin, or when he gets accused of killing Ronald Adair, or when he sits dejected and alone in 221B), but well, it’s rather late already and it’s one of those episodes that needs to be seen for the full impact.

(and you can watch the entire series here (not the best quality, though), or buy it here and/or here (with subs). It may not be the cheapest buy, but it’s definitely worth the money. Just take care when you order from overseas. Customs got hold of my package, making it even more expensive. But it was still worth it and I certainly wouldn’t want to miss that version in my collection :))

The entire episode is just wonderfully played. You will cry with Holmes and Watson, you will want to kick Lestrade – very hard, and you will smile with them in the end and just be happy that it all worked out well after all. Even if you know how EMPT ends, you will still be relieved to see them sitting together in front of the fireplace again.

But re-watching that adaptation got me excited again/even more for the BBC! Sherlock version of the story. I’m so curious how they will translate it into the present and how this John will react to Sherlock’s return! Gatiss’ statement some weeks(?)/months(?) ago sounded already very promising, because, yeah, I can’t really just see the fainting and welcome-back-with-open-arms bit either. I’m pretty sure that our John will be rather angry after the first shock.

And who wouldn’t be?

I certainly wouldn’t be quite as forgiving as canon!Watson either if my best friend pretended to be dead for any length of time. Relieved yes, certainly, but forgiveness would be a bit harder to come by…

Still,  I don’t think that there is one fan out there who doesn’t love this quote from the canon:

“My dear Watson,” said the well-remembered voice, “I owe you a thousand apologies. I had no idea that you would be so affected.”

Next up: The Hound of the Baskervilles with a  truly special unforgettable Sir Henry.

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