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4th July 2012

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The best Holmes and Watson are, of course, the ones from the canon, but we still got some intriguing and fascinating interpretations of them/their characters/their friendship throughout the years. And since I just love to talk on and on about what I love most, have now some of my favourites (in no particular order):

(and please keep in mind that this is just my opinion)

01. Douglas Wilmer and Nigel Stock - I love Douglas Wilmer’s Holmes and the two of them just fit together!

02. Jeremy Brett and David Burke - Edward Hardwick was great, but David Burke will always be my favorite Watson. He only got one season, but the chemistry between Brett and him was amazing.

03. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman - I just have such an immense love for both of them. Very different compared to all the other Holmeses and Watsons we got so far, but the two of them are amazing and nothing will ever be able to beat that chemistry between them. They are (modern) Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

04. Peter Cushing and Nigel Stock - I really enjoy the few movies we actually have with Peter Cushing and the combination works very well, IMO.

05. Nicholas Rowe and Alan Cox - Young Sherlock Holmes! It’s not a great/groundbreaking/whatever movie, but it’s fun to watch and to imagine how the two of them will grow up to really become the Holmes and Watson we know. They certainly worked very well together in the film!

06. Ronald Howard and Marion Crawford - again, it may not be the most canon-based series out there and it does contain a lot of slapstick, but Howard’s Holmes is very cute and one of my favourites (in fact, I love him so much that I got three different DVD sets with him, in the hope that one of them would finally come with a decent audio. Not that it ever happened, but I still like to have them :)) and  Crawford as Watson is actually useful for the most part and works very well with his Holmes.

07. Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law - the one image here that will probably surprise people the most (at least those who know me). RDJ will never ever be my Holmes, but Jude Law makes for a marvelous Watson (actually my third favourite) and the chemistry between RDJ’s Holmes and Law’s Watson is  pretty much impossible to ignore, regardless my feelings for that Holmes. It just works between them.

08. Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin = most adorable Holmes and Watson *ever*. Beautifully written and played, immense chemistry and just pretty much perfect on all levels. They are definitely my favourite Victorian!Holmes and Watson.

09. Tom Baker and Terence Rigby - while I still wait for the TARDIS to show up whenever the two of them walk through the moor,  I really enjoy their take on the characters. I know that the fandom is pretty much divided about them and that Baker himself wasn’t too happy about his Holmes in the end (and he was maybe a tad too nice and friendly), I still think that the serial is underrated and that people should give it a chance. The two of them may not *be* Holmes and Watson, not in the way some of the other performers were, but they are still fun to watch and enjoyable.

And that was the first round! Let’s see if and when I will get around to the next one :-) (I should, too, because some of my favourites are still missing, like The Private Life)

Any thoughts?

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