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1st July 2012

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(caps from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Episode #4: Deadly Fight  - 1/2)

Previous posts: Episode #1 - Acquaintance | Episode #2 - Bloody Inscription | Episode #3 - The Master Blackmailer

Two sets this time, because, well, it’s a marvellous episode and I really couldn’t restrict myself - sorry!

* I love the Russian Moriarty! He actually is dangerous and scary (unlike a certain other take on the character) Granted, he’s only in one episode, which does maybe make it a bit easier, but still…

As for the rest:

  • I love how Holmes knocks out Moriarty
  • love that Mycroft is actively included in the storyline
  • love the brief moment when Holmes actually tries to keep Watson from leaving at the Reichenbach falls.
  • the gazes!  You know, they reminded me a lot of BBC!Sherlock and Molly and her “You looks sad when you think he can’t see you.” There are a lot of these gazes here once Holmes realizes that the confrontation can’t be avoided. And sometimes Watson does look, but the gazes unsettle him to the point that he *can’t* see them for what they are. It makes it even more tragic.
  • Holmes’ last words to Watson: “Take care of Ronald Adler.”  :(
  • Watson realizing what happened and returning to Reichenbach Falls, him looking over the ledge, then him finding the letter and breaking down crying…


I don’t have to say anything more. I mean, who needs a heart anyway, right? *hands hers to TPTB*

Honestly, the only other FINA storyline that manages to hurt so much is really BBC!Sherlock’s TRF. Not even the Granada take on it had such a devastating effect on me

Next: The Empty House, which starts with the saddest opening *ever*. Well, actually it is the same as normally, just played in minor, because some part of your heart may still be intact after FINA and they have to take care of that :(

God, I love that show, no matter how often I watch it! Definitely my favourite Victorian!Holmes!

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