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25th June 2012

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(caps from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Episode #3: The Master Blackmailer)

Previous posts: Episode #1 - Acquaintance | Episode #2 - Bloody Inscription

As the name suggests, this episode is based on The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton with a tiny but Greek Interpreter thrown in at the beginning. It’s not one of my favourite episodes, but it does have its moments.

Like the scene in the train in the beginning, or like Watson meeting Mycroft Holmes, which is  a very lovely scene! I love the deduction contest of the brothers in their attempt to impress Watson. It’s very cute and it works, too. Watson certainly does look impressed, I’d say:

And much as I enjoy the BBC version, I love the relationship between the two brothers here.

Watson threatening Charles Milverton with his chair was a wonderful scene!

Then Watson describing the wall after a first visit to Milverton’s house:
Holmes: “I see. A high stone wall. Go on.” 
That quote will never not crack me up, no matter if in the stories or possible adaptations. But the way Watson describes the wall here is truly priceless. You can fully understand why Holmes wants to move on, preferably before Watson’ starts to describe the texture of every single stone :D

And the little wink he gives him when he reveals that he was the shady figure/Escott the tinsmith is wonderful!
Much to the delight of fangirls everywhere, Watson’s reaction to Holmes’ revelation that he/Escott is also engaged is throwing a kind of hiss. However, he does worry about the girl, too, because he is Watson! And Holmes tries to placate him, something his BBC counterpart still needs to learn.

Holmes: “I’d make a good thief.”
Holmes: “All right. We spent a long time living under one roof. If we’re unlucky, we’ll share the prison cell.”

Then he gives Watson one of his radiant smiles, causing Watson to actually blush. It’s very, very cute:

Unfortunately, thanks to Watson who, for a brief moment decides to channel Nigel Bruce’s Watson, it almost happens, too. Very fortunately, Lestrade really is a kind of an idiot here.

Coming to think of it, they all have some impressive stupid moments in this episode. Thank god, it’s the exception. Otherwise I certainly wouldn’t love the show so much.

And the episode does have some lovely moments, even more than some of the other SH adaptations.

Next up: Deadly Fight aka The Final Problem aka please-rip-my-heart-out-and-stomp-on-it-a-few-times. Honestly, the only FINA adaptation that hits me even worse is BBCs The Reichenbach Falls.

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