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22nd June 2012

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(caps from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Episode #2: Bloody Inscription)

Previous posts: Episode #1 - Acquaintance

This is one of my favourite episodes for many reasons:

It’s absolutely lovely how Watson deals with Holmes when he shots the wall. Very different from what you would expect and it shows just how close they have become, IMO.

The same for Mrs. Hudson! She doesn’t even bat an eyelash when she opens the door! And she has mad deduction skills, too!  (at least they are much better than Watson’s *g*) That said – I really like this Miss Hudson. She is my second favourite, right after BBC Sherlock’s.

I love the little domestic moments this show gives us, like the game of chess between them and how Watson can hold his own against Holmes.
And then there’s the scene with the watch and how genuinely sorry Holmes is when Watson’ s distress becomes clear to him

It’s also very nice to see how at ease Holmes is with Watson - and has been since he has decided that Watson is worth his attention, time and friendship in the first episode. The way he jokes with Watson and can laugh with him makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, because you know that this is indeed something very special.

I also love how he keeps asking for Watson’s opinion and brainstorms with him throughout the series. It’s really lovely to watch and shows very clearly just how much Holmes values Watson.

And I love how protective Watson here is already. Lestrade just doesn’t stand a chance any more, at least not at the moment :-) That said – Lestrade is perfectly cast, IMO. He fits so well to ACD’s description!

And then there’s the infamous cab scene with Holmes not only saving the day/Watson but actually petting and comforting a hurt Watson! Or Watson calling “Sherlock” instead of “Holmes” after he got kicked where it really hurts. They are so amazingly close in this adaptation and you don’t doubt the depth and strength of their friendship even for one tiny moment.

And two more caps, because sometimes 10 just isn’t enough:


More soon, whenever I’ll get around to re-watch the next episode! :-)

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