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22nd June 2012

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(caps from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Episode #1: Acquaintance)

Since I finally got my DVDs back (and I feel the strong urge to never ever separate from them again – that’s how much I missed them!) and could start with me re-watch, let me spam you a bit with my very favourite Victorian Sherlock Holmes: the Lenfilm version, also simply known as Russian Sherlock Holmes.

Everybody who has been talking about Sherlock Holmes with me for more than a few minutes, knows that I adore that version and think that it is pretty much perfect. Just listening to the title/opening music tends to make me very happy (well, apart from  EMPT/’Hunt for the Tiger’, which rather tends to rip my heart apart).

Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin are absolutely fabulous as Holmes and Watson! The two of them are very adorable, especially together, starting already in the beginning when Watson has not quite warmed up yet to Holmes (and even thinks him a criminal mastermind!), but Holmes has already decided that Watson is worth his attention and is basically wooing him onto his side.

Vitaly’s Watson admires, adores and loves Holmes and there is not much he wouldn’t do for him. And Vasily’s Holmes is just as much taken with Watson. He might not care much about/for anything else, but Watson is the exception (apart from his cases).

And apart from the fantastic cast, the series also offers beautiful sets, a very lovely score, great filming, and a wonderful atmosphere. The show does take liberties and does differ a bit from the canon, but you can feel the love and respect for the canon in every single scene.

I could go on and on about the show (and did just that quite a few times already, in fact, much to the chagrin of a few people who had no interest at all in the matter *g*), but I will just leave you with the caps instead (more will follow as I re-watch my way through the episodes) and a strong recommendation to go and watch the series. It’s well worth the time finding it. And it is definitely worth the costs for the DVDs and possible import and customs, too!

Now time for bed, so that I will actually be awake in time to watch the new Suits episode before work!

But first look once more at the two of them, aren’t they just absolutely adorable?:


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