Fangirl, shy, writer, currently taking part in the RCIA process with the intention to convert to the Roman Catholic Church during Easter vigil 2014.

Also - deeply impressed and inspired by the Franciscan spirituality and trying to follow it in at least some aspects, with the desire to grow into it further.

Check out my faith blog for more on my unexpected journey (I talk about it here as well, but there you'll get the elaborate version, from the beginning to the end, including thoughts, pondering, doubts, fears, etc. etc.).

As for my main interests/fandoms: Sherlock Holmes in most incarnations, Person of Interest and Doctor Who (classic and new), creepy stuff and spies (fictional and real life espionage).

As well as some of my favourite actors: Jim Caviezel, Daniel Craig and Benedict Cumberbatch.

But I watch and read a lot of stuff and everything may creep in here at some point.

Click for complete (kinda) tag list!

Enjoy the pretty and welcome to the insanity party!

13th June 2012

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