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18th May 2012

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So, after appreciating the two awesome main leads already, it’s now on time to give the girls some spotlight as well, I think. And who would be better to start with than the fantastic Sarah Rafferty who plays the awesome Donna?

Donna is not only flawless (in my utterly biased opinion :p), but also Harvey’s P.A. (which can’t always be an easy job), with whom she has perfected the art of banter. She can easily get rid off Louis, is the only one in the known about Mike’s and Harvey’s secret and would do pretty much everything to help Harvey, even if it means going behind his back. And, not to forget, she is the


She is also easily my most favorite female character on the show, no matter how much I love Jessica and Rachel.

So, who’s next? Louis, Rachel, Jessica or Jenny? I suppose, I could also go with Trevor, but then I need to think about the season final again, which may result in this:

So maybe I should leave him out until he got his ass handed to him :-)


(and just looking through the mass of pictures that I already managed to collect has me squeeing with delight again. Such an awesome, awesome show!)

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